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History and achievements of the football club


SG Eintracht Frankfurt is the most famous sports club in Frankfurt am Main and internationally known as a football club, although the club is more.

Because Eintracht has a total of 18 sports departments (including tennis, hockey, etc.). But the football department soon became the club's figurehead. The football professionals home matches will be played in the Waldstadion in the district Niederrad, but the club itself comes from the workers' district of Riederwald. The club's office and the old Riederwald Stadium are also located there.

The sports community Eintracht Frankfurt was founded in March 1899, but in the period up to the Second World War the football club recorded more name changes than notable successes. There were always changes in the structure and in the name of the club. It was not until after the Second World War that the club turned to professional football. Separate departments for professional sports were set up and the performance was steadily increased.

Eintracht Frankfurt reached its peak in the 1958/59 season when the first and so far only German championship title could be celebrated. In the final, they beat the local rival Kickers Offenbach. Eintracht Frankfurt became known beyond the German borders at the latest in 1960, because the team reached the final of the European Champions' Cup. And the final, which took place in Glasgow in 1960, became one of the most famous because you faced Real Madrid and lost 3-7. The goal scoring festival with 10 goals was later voted the best European Cup final of all time.

In 1961 the club was renamed Eintracht Frankfurt e.V. and two years later Eintracht was one of the founding members of the newly created Bundesliga. Eintracht was successful in the league and was able to take some third and fourth places, but it was not enough for further championship titles. On the other hand, they won the DFB-Cup twice in 1974 and 1975. In 1980 Eintracht Frankfurt won the UEFA-Cup and further victories in the DFB-Cup in 1981 and 1988 followed. 1991/92 Frankfurt missed the German championship only in the last game of the season and was only second behind VfB Stuttgart.

The club Eintracht Frankfurt existed until July 2000, when it was then, like many clubs, converted into an AG, the Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG. In 2018, Eintracht won the DFB-Cup for the fifth time against FC Bayern. In 2019, Eintracht reached the semi-finals of the Europa League, where they had to give up on penalties.


- 1x Master 1st Devision (1959)
- 5x German Football Association Cup (1974, '75, '81, '88, '018)
- 1x Finalist "Champions-League" (1960)
- 1x UEFA-Cup (1980)

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With 750,000 inhabitants, Frankfurt am Main is the largest city (but not the state capital) of Hessen and the fifth largest city in Germany. The closer urban region has about 2.3 million inhabitants, the entire Rhine-Main region is the second largest German metropolitan region after Rhein-Ruhr with more than 5.7 million inhabitants.

Frankfurt am Main has been one of the most important urban centers in Germany since the Middle Ages. The city was first mentioned in documents in 794. In 1875 it had a population of over 100,000, more than 500,000 since 1928 and over 700,000 for the first time in 2013. Frankfurt has been calling itself a European-City since 1998 as a sign of its commitment to European unification.

Today Frankfurt is one of the most important international financial centers, an important industrial, service and exhibition center and is one of the world's major cities. Frankfurt am Main is the seat of the European Central Bank, the Deutsche Bundesbank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, numerous financial institutions and the Fair Frankfurt. The Frankfurt Book Fair and the Music Fair are considered the world's leading trade fairs in their fields. The city is also home to many national sports associations, including the German Olympic Sports Association, the fuck German Football Association (DFB) or the German Motor Sports Association.

Thanks to its central location, Frankfurt am Main is a European transportation hub. The airport is one of the largest in the world, the main train station is a central railway junction and the Frankfurter Kreuz is the busiest road junction in Germany.

A specialty for a European city is the steadily growing high-rise skyline of Frankfurt. Some striking skyscrapers are among the tallest in Europe. That is why Frankfurt am Main is sometimes referred to as Mainhattan. Historic landmarks of the city are the Alte Oper and the partially reconstructed ensemble of the old town with Römerberg including the Römer town hall, the Dom-Römer area and the Kaiserdom. More than 40 percent of the urban area are parks and nature reserves.

The city's cultural life is traditionally characterized by civic foundations, patronage and liberal private initiatives. From this emerged the urban stages with the two divisions Opera Frankfurt and Schauspiel Frankfurt, the Museumsufer, the Senckenberg Naturmuseum, the Schirn Kunsthalle and the Museum of Modern Art, the Historical Museum and Goethe's birthplace in the old town, the Alte Oper and the English Theater , the zoo and the Palm-Garden. Goethe University, founded in 1914 by a community foundation as a royal university, is the fourth largest German university by number of students. In addition, there are seven other state, church and private universities in the city with a total of over 60,000 students.

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